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Please read this USER AGREEMENT carefully. It contains important contractual rights, obligations and conditions between you and BreezyHealth. Your acceptance of the terms of this USER AGREEMENT is required for your continued use of this web site.

1. People (User(s)) using the BreezyHealth website for any reason whatsoever, subject themselves to and agree to these terms and conditions and privacy policy of BreezyHealth when accessing this web site.

2. The BreezyHealth website is only intended to provide the user with information regarding its products and services and consists of information, content and services provided by BreezyHealth, its licensor(s), third parties and users of the BreezyHealth web site.

3. BreezyHealth expressly is reserving the right, in its sole and absolute discretion, to remove, alter, modify, supplement and/or restrict access to the services, content, information, software, or file(s) appearing on or transmitted through the BreezyHealth web site.

4. Any information and/or content appearing on or transmitted through the BreezyHealth web site does not constitute advise and you, the user, are encouraged to consult with your professional advisor before acting on any information or content appearing on or transmitted through the BreezyHealth web site.

5. Nothing on this website shall be construed as an offer by BreezyHealth to you, the user, but merely an invitation to do business.

6. All content, trademarks and data on this website, including but not limited to, software, databases, text, graphics, icons, hyperlinks, private information, and designs are the property of or licensed to BreezyHealth, and as such, are protected from infringement by domestic and international legislation and treaties.

7. All rights not expressly granted are reserved. The intellectual property rights in all content, information, services and/or software vesting in BreezyHealth shall continue to vest in BreezyHealth and no right, title or interest in any proprietary material or information contained in this website is granted to you.

8. BreezyHealth grants to you, the user, a personal, non-exclusive, non-assignable and non-transferable license to use, print and display all content, information, software, or file(s) on any machine(s) of which you, the user, are the primary user for non-commercial purposes only.

9. You are prohibited from sublicensing, assigning or transferring this license to any person.

10. Without derogating from the above, you may designate family members to use and access the information, content or services on the BreezyHealth web site subject to the terms of this User Agreement.

11. Unauthorised copying of content, information, software, or file(s), including content, information, software, or file(s) that have been amended, modified, combined or included with such content, information, software, or file(s), or the written materials associated therewith is expressly prohibited.

12. Any unauthorised copying and/or sublicensing, or attempt at copying and/or sublicensing, assignment or transfer of this agreement, shall result in the immediate termination of this agreement by BreezyHealth without notice.

13. You, the user, shall be responsible for all use of the information, content or service accessed through your user account, which may be determined by cookies, password(s) or authentication certificate(s).

14. You, the user hereby ratify, guarantee and agree to be personally liable for any and all obligations entered into or assumed by others who use the information, content or services through your user account.

15. You, the user, hereby acknowledge that certain information, content, service and/or links may contain objectionable images, materials, content or information.

16. Except as expressly permitted in this User Agreement, neither you, the user, nor your designated users may reproduce, redistribute, retransmit, publish or otherwise transfer, or commercially exploit, any information, software or other content which they receive or access through the Service.

17. By using this website or communicating with BreezyHealth by electronic means, the user consents and acknowledges that any and all agreements, notices, disclosures, or any other communication satisfies any legal requirement, including but not limited to the requirement that such communications should be “in writing”.

18. This website may include technical or other inaccuracies or typographical errors. Changes and amendments are periodically made to the information herein and these changes will be incorporated in any new editions of this website. BreezyHealth reserves the right to make improvements and/or changes or amendments to this website at any time.

19. BreezyHealth reserves the right to change and amend the prices and rates quoted on this website without any notice.

20. The user’s use of this website and the information contained therein is entirely at the user’s own risk and the user assume full responsibility and risk of loss resulting from the use thereof. Neither BreezyHealth, its affiliates, or their shareholders, agents, consultants or employees will be liable for any damages whatsoever, including, without limitation any direct, indirect, special, incidental, consequential or punitive damages, whether in an action arising out of contract, statute, delict or otherwise, relating to the use of, or inability to use, this website or the information contained therein.

21. While all reasonable steps have been take to ensure the accuracy and safety of the BreezyHealth website, the use of the products or services advertised on this website are used at the user’s own risk. The user accepts full responsibility and risk of any injury, damage, or loss resulting from the use thereof. BreezyHealth will not be liable for any personal or physical damage or loss, howsoever caused, whether directly or indirectly, resulting from the use of the BreezyHealth website.

22. These Terms and Conditions of Use constitute the entire agreement between BreezyHealth and you, the user of this website. Any failure by BreezyHealth to exercise or enforce any right or provision of these Terms and Conditions of Use shall in no way constitute a waiver of such right or provision.

23. In the event that any term or condition of the use of this website is not fully enforceable or valid for any reason, such term(s) or condition(s) shall be severable from the remaining terms and conditions. The remaining terms and conditions shall not be affected by such unenforceability or invalidity and shall remain enforceable and applicable.

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